Adding Users

To setup existing Gaidge users to access the Forms module, you must be assigned to a role that allows you to Manage Practice, typically a doctor or office manager.

Log in to Gaidge, then click on the gear icon at the upper left of your screen and select Practice Management.

Locate the Roles menu in the column on the left. Select the role you want to allow access to Forms and then click Edit Permissions

Enable Form Access and close the window. 

Click on Forms on the menu at left, and select each User from the drop down, select the Role they should have and click Add User.

When adding a practitioner, indicate if they should see the Forms Audit Trail by selecting Can View Audit Logs. This will set them as a Forms Administrator

When adding an assistant, select the Practitioner(s) they should be assigned to, including the Primary Practitioner, if applicable.

Users who have Forms permission will see an option on their Gaidge menu for Forms. The difference between Assistants and Practitioners:  An Assistant can work on behalf of a Practitioner(s).  Practitioners can create and have custom forms assigned to them.

To remove a user’s Forms access, click Remove.

Forms Only Users

You may wish to add staff members to Forms who do not currently have Gaidge access. To enable just forms, create a new role on the Roles screen and select only Access Practice and Form Access.

If a user has access to ONLY Forms, their navigation will display only the options.

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