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Monthly reconciliation includes both end-of-month (EOM) and beginning of the month tasks.  Completing the EOM tasks by the last working day of the month gives you the opportunity to review and correct any missed transactions.  The beginning of the month tasks ensures that the prior month's information reported correctly to Gaidge. 

It is imperative that the Transaction Report be finalized on the last working day of the month and no further transactions of any type are posted as some data (but not all!) will continue to upload through the end of the month. On the last working day of the month confirm that a Transaction Report was finalized the day before.

End of Month Tasks

Reconcile Contracts and Starts to Gaidge 

Reporting → Financial → Transaction Summary     Print for the first of the month through yesterday in your Edge software.

Under the New Treatment Fees section of the Edge Transaction Summary,

compare the totalcount to Treatment Starts and Total Contracts on the Gaidge dashboard.  

Sometimes contracts and starts are not equal. This may be because:

  • Contracts entered for treatment types not counted in Gaidge, such as Additional or Retreats.
  • Contracts entered for treatment type other than patient’s current treatment.
  • Transaction Report not closed prior to last night’s Gaidge data upload.

The important part of the process is to ensure you have not missed entering in information and you can account for any discrepancies.

Reconcile Payment Arrangements - On the Gaidge tab, Production & Collections, view the Payment Arrangements chart; the number of Payment Arrangements should match the number of Treatment Starts just reconciled. If not, from the Edge Widget Library run the subgroup Gaidge: Missing Payment Arrangements or Payment Arrangements This Month to locate discrepancies.  Edit Contract Details to add Payment Arrangement in the Contract Class box.      

Reconcile Start Origins - On the Gaidge tab, Exams & Starts, view the Origin of Starts chart. The number of Origins should match the number of Treatment Starts. The treatment starts subgroup on your dashboard should include Start origin, update missing origins. If not, from the Edge Widget Library run the Subgroup Gaidge: Missing Start Origins to locate discrepancies.  Edit the Findings tab to enter the Start Origin.

To view all patients with a Payment Arrangement this month, run the Subgroup Gaidge: Payment Arrangements Date Range. Select to display Patient Name, Treatment Start Date, Contract Class. 

Reconcile Exams

From your Edge software select:  Reporting → Appointment → Kept Appointments or NP Exam Analysis

Child and Adult Exams should match the Gaidge Exams and New Patients Added chart.

Beginning of Month Tasks

Reconcile Production and Collection to Gaidge 

In your Edge software select:  Reporting → Financial → Transaction Summary and print for the first of the month through yesterday. 

On the Gaidge website, go to the Production & Collections tab. Scroll down to the Production and Collection with Associated Adjustments graph and view the data grid.

On the last page of your Transaction Summary, under the Account Balance Proof section compare your Edge financial figures to financials on Gaidge

( l) Adjusted Total Charges to Net Production
( o) Adjusted Receipts to Net Collection

You may also wish to compare:

( b) New Treatment Fees + ( g) Misc. Charges to Gross Production
( c) Changed Treatment Fees + ( e) Treatment Fee Adjustments + ( h) Misc. Adjustments to Production Adjustments
      Note: Changed Treatment Fees are included in EDGE’s Total Charges but not in Gaidge Gross Production

( m) Receipts to Gross Collection
( n) Receipt Adjustments to Collection Adjustments

Adding Hours and Days

During the first week of the month, log into the Gaidge website to enter the hours and days worked the previous month. Click the Gear icon then Hours/Days. Double-click the boxes to enter the Doctor Hours, Staff Hours, and Clinical Days. Once completed click Save.

Doctor Hours – Calculate clinical hours only. (Two doctors working at the same office for an 8 hour day would equal 16 clinical hours for that day.)

Staff Hours – Enter all clinical and administrative staff hours including PTO. 

Clinical Days Worked – These are days patients are scheduled for the doctor(s) or clinical staff. If more than one doctor is working, multiply (number of doctors * days) 

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