Summary in 5 Minutes

The Monthly Summary report is another key area where you can quickly get a sense of where your practice is for the month and year.  There are 6 sections: Production & Collection, Accounts Receivable, Contracts & Payment Arrangements, Performance, Schedule, Days & Hours.

The Monthly Summary displays This Month’s (JUN 23 2020) numbers, a comparison (RELCHG) to Same Month Last Year (SMLY) and SMLY numbers, then Year To Date (YTD), comparison, and Prior Year To Date (PYTD)  At the right is the Download icon (down arrow) and a button to Toggle Goals on and off the display. Values that are above benchmarks are indicated in red, those within the range of the benchmark are green and those just outside the range are yellow.  The arrows within the entries indicate if the dollar amount increased or decreased and whether that is generally perceived as good = green, or not good = red

The first section is Production & Collection. Although the net amounts are the numbers actually produced and collected, it is important to note the number of adjustments on a regular basis.  The types of production adjustments are broken down further in the Discounts and Write-offs section.

Accounts Receivable is the one section that shows a snapshot of your data rather than an accumulated amount

Contracts & Payment Arrangements has detail on contracts entered including the average fee for all contracts and by treatment type, along with your payment arrangement numbers.

Performance is where you can quickly review your exams and starts for the month including start subcategories like Full Child and Full Adult, plus share of chair for aligners and braces.  It also includes the origin of start, observation and retention patients seen, and debonds completed.

The last two sections, Schedule and Days & Hours contain schedule statistics and Staff/Doctor hours and production per hour.

To export your summary data, click the Download icon at the top of the screen.

Yearly Summary

The Yearly Summary reports the same data as the Monthly Summary but compares up to five years of data, with a sliding toggle bar to select a range of dates within a year, for example Q1-Q2

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