Dashboard in 5 Minutes

The Gaidge Dashboard has a wealth of information about your practice performance and can be viewed in just a few minutes. There are charts for various key practice indicators and financial information.  Most sections include comparisons to SMLY (Same Month Last Year).

Most of the widgets display data about this month indicated by (Month YYYY) in the title bar (or the most recent month in your selected date range.) Treatment Starts Detail and Net Production vs Net Collection both display data for the full range of dates.

The available charts are determined by the user’s permissions, in other words, if the practice member cannot see the production reports or production and collection numbers those charts will not display on their dashboard.

The Exams and New Patients Added panel displays New Patients added, Total Exams (plus Adult/Child numbers) and your Future Exams.

Origin of Starts has Total Starts, plus all start origins that have been entered which should equal the total starts number. 

Avg Contract & Avg Initial Fee shows your Average Contract Amount, Average Initial Fee and Total Contracts. Click on the link to view Average Contract by Treatment Type. Remember Total Starts should generally match Total Contracts.  

Hover your mouse over any month in the Treatment Starts Detail graph to see the number of Starts by treatment type. 

The Case Acceptance panel displays the Benchmark (75%) and what you have reached and includes your Goal.

Likewise,  MTD Net Production/ Net Collection (and YTD) goals and the percentage you have achieved are also easy to see.  The Net Production vs Net Collection graph shows your monthly numbers for the selected date range.

Patients Over Estimated Completion Date, No Shows, Repair Visits and Retention Visits are all part of Schedule Efficiency. They rob your schedule, create stress and reduce profitability.  A quick view lets you know how you are doing.

In the Total A/R panel allows you to see your total Accounts Receivable and the percentage of that which is delinquent.

Note: Gaidge uses default targets which are industry standards unless you use a consultant who has entered their own.

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