Managing Patient Forms

Now that you are sending requests to patients to fill out your forms electronically, you need to manage them as they come back. You can do this from 2 screens. 

The Forms Manager is your dashboard. The latest forms received and pending forms display below the buttons. 

For a more in depth view click on see See Client Forms which holds all forms sent and received from patients. The Status column shows if the form has been sent, partially completed or completed.

On both screens you can view both completed and pending forms by clicking on the  View button.  You can even see how far a patient has progressed in answering the questions on incomplete forms.

Pending Forms

When you view a pending form the top of the screen has a note that the patient has not submitted the form. 

There are several things you can do here:

  • Print Form - allows you to print a single form
  • Print Package - allows you to print all forms in the package
  • Download - downloads a ZIP file of all forms in PDF format
  • Resend Form - Resend the form, for example to an email rather than a text
  • Set as Completed - If a patient has left an form unfinished or has forgotten to submit it. It’s important to note that even though the status of the form is set to Complete like any other submitted forms, Gaidge Forms keeps an audit trail and is able to tell that the status was changed by the provider, not a patient submission.
    Note: You will only be able to change the form from Pending to Completed if the form has been partially completed by the patient, otherwise this option won’t be available.
  • Archive Form - removes the form from the client forms list without deleting it.  On the client forms screen you can set status to Archived to view/restore forms. 
  • Delete Form - for example a patient cancelled or no-showed their appointment

Completed Forms

Note that the top right says completed.

Completed forms have a couple of different opions: 

  • Edit Form - add notes, etc., if the form contains For Office Use Only questions
  • Reject - allows you to resend to the patient for additional info, eg insurance info was expired
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