How to Use Gaidge Forms on an iPad

One of the ways our customers are using forms is by setting them up on iPads and giving them to patients in their waiting room, either as their main way to collect patient information or as a backup method for patients who forgot to fill out the form online.

Setting up your form on the iPad is simple. The final result is an icon that's placed in your iPad home screen. Let's see how to set it up.

Select the appropriate form

On your iPad, log into Gaidge using Safari, tap on the menu item Templates and select the form you want to use.

Create and Navigate to the form URL

In the form editor page, tap on ... and then on  Get URL

The popup below will show up.

If the checkbox is unchecked, make sure you check it so that this will open:

Be sure to check Enable Secure Office Access, so if a patient accidentally logs out before finishing they can get back in to their form.

The next step is to click on the link indicated above to open the form URL in a new tab in the Safari browser.

Create a home screen icon

Once you have your form page open in the iPad Safari browser, tap on the Share button and then on Add to Home Screen (image below). Before you tap on OK, you can change the shortcut description. If you have multiple forms, use this to differentiate between them.

Now your form will be accessible from the iPad home screen. From now on, you just need to tap on the icon and hand the iPad to your patient.

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