Adding & Changing Users and Modifying Roles

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To add another user to Gaidge, you must be assigned to a role that allows you to Manage Practice, typically a doctor or office manager. Log in to Gaidge, then click on the gear icon at the upper left of your screen and select Practice Management. 

On the left side menu, click on Users. The Users section displays the practice members who have access to your Gaidge data and what their role is in your practice. The role determines which tabs and charts that person can access.

Add User

To add a new user, enter their email address, first and last names, then click on the selection box arrow to select their role in your practice. Their role determines which tabs and charts that person can access.  Click Add User.

The newly added user will receive an email from [email protected]  prompting them to click on a link and create a password for Gaidge. If they do not receive the email, be sure to check their spam and/or junk folders as system-generated emails sometimes go there.

Change User

To change an existing user’s role, click on the selection box arrow and choose their new role. Roles also determine whether the user can view the entire practice or just some locations, as shown by Edit/All in the Locations column. 

If a user’s role is limited to only some of your locations, click the Edit button in the location column to allow access to specific locations and pods. 

Next select options from the Locations/Pods drop-down boxes. Click OK.

Remove User

To remove a user click Remove to the right on their line.

Note: to change your name – exit practice management and click on your name at the upper right of the main screen and select User Profile.  To change your email address, contact [email protected]

Modifying Roles

The Roles screen is where you can setup viewing permissions for each user type.  

  • To add a new role, type a title and click on Create Role. You can also copy a role to create a new one.
  • To view or edit an existing role, click anywhere on the line of a role then click on Edit Permissions. 
  • Use Reset Permissions to return values to Gaidge Defaults, listed. 

Please note that only user-created roles can be renamed or deleted. 

Edit Permissions

Control what various users see on Gaidge here.

To customize you and your staff’s view of Gaidge:

Practice Administrator: Access/Edit all permissions, generally reserved for the doctor only.

Access Data: Access practice (all locations), and overhead reports, if available 

Practice Management: Defaults ON for Doctor and Office Manager roles only, permits access to the Practice Management screen.

Integrations: Overhead Links, if available, permits access to view and edit overhead setup.

Settings (Gear Icon): Determines availability of Hours / Days and Collaborations on the gear menu.

Access Tabs: Sets whether users in the role can view each tab. Turning off Reports – turns off ALL Reports, turning off Summary – turns off ALL Summary tabs.

Access Charts: Sets whether the user can view a chart, be sure to verify the Summary, Financial and Overhead tabs if controlling access to financials. 

Default Roles

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