Progress Report and Setting Goals

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The Gaidge Progress Report is a great way to kick off your morning huddle! 

It is a recap of your practice performance showing what happened yesterday, month to date ( MTD) and, Same Month Last Year (SMLY), followed by your monthly goals (Goal) and your progress on achieving the goal (Percent of Goal Attained and Percent of YTD Goal Attained.)

Sections include Production/Collection, Delinquency, Exams, Starts, Schedule, Observation, Debands, Repairs and Referrals. 

Goal Setting

To set goals, you need to have access to goals set under Practice Management, generally Doctor or Office Manger roles. You can then edit an individual goal with a click on the underlined goal links from the Progress Report or at the top left of the screen click on the Gear icon, then Practice Management, then click on the Goals tab.

Start by selecting the Practice, Location or a Location Pod. Next click on the drop down in the Year column to select the year for your goals

Click on the Edit button to add or change a goal.  If you have values for the previous year, you can enter a value in the box on the line that reads Set each goal   __% then select change over last year or set all months to same value and click the save button. 

You can also set each month’s value individually by entering either a percent to change or the actual desired value. Repeat this step for each location if needed. 

When manually setting goals for case acceptance by month in the Goal column, 
enter in the format .75 for 75%

Note: Setting goals for individual locations does not create a combined goal for all locations. 

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